Muslim Beliefs

Muslims beliefs follow the Five Pillars of Islam, which they regard as the most important practice of their religion. The Five Pillars of Wisdom are obligations which Muslims must fulfill in order to live the way of Islam. By carrying out these obligations Muslims intertwine all aspects of their lives with their religion as they believe that it is pointless to live without putting their beliefs into action. By carrying out the Five Pillars of Wisdom shows that Muslims put their faith and beliefs before anything else in their lives. Muslims believe that it is pointless trying to cheat on the Five Pillars as Allah cannot be fooled and the only person who suffers in that one individual.

The Five Pillars of Wisdom:

Shahadah; There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger. Any Muslims who cannot recite these words wholeheartedly cannot call themselves a true Muslim. By reciting the words means that they believe that there is only one God, that they will live their life according to his ways and that they personally believe this to be true. The words are written in Arabic on the Saudi Arabian flag to inform everyone that the state contains Islam’s holiest places.

Salat: Salat is the practice of praying five times a day a times set by Allah. Prayer times are before sunrise, before midday, late afternoon, just after sunset and between sunset and midnight. All Muslims, including children aged seven and over are encouraged to carry out their prayers at these set times as this provides them with a pattern for the day. The public call to prayer sets the pattern and rhythm of the day for all people. The prayers said are more than just repeating learned words, Muslim prayers involve the mind, body and soul and Muslims carry out set movements which accompany the words of the prayers. Muslims believe that if they pray without sincerity then it is the same as if they haven’t prayed at all and is pointless. As Allah has no needs Muslims do not pray to Him, they pray because He told them to and because they believe they achieve great benefits of doing so.

Zarkat is the compulsory giving of a set amount of wealth, cash, gold, silver and commercial items to charity; it is seen as a type of worship and self-purification. 2.5% is given out of one’s wealth every year; it is not the charitable donations that are given out of kindness or generosity.  It is believed that Zarkat helps Muslims to not only obey God but to acknowledge that everything comes from God and cannot be taken with them when the die and so there is no reason to cling on to it, Muslims also believe that it is God’s choice whether you are rich or poor, if he has chosen you to be rich then you should help those he chose to be poor.

Sawm is fasting during Ramadan. Adult Muslims must not eat or drink anything during daylight hours, nor can they smoke, this includes passive smoking, nor have any type of sexual activity. For Muslims with a physical or mental impairment, are very young or very old, pregnant, breast feeding, menstruating or travelling may be excused from some of these.

Hajj; Muslims from all ethnic groups, social class, color and culture stand together in front of the Kaaba and pray together.

These are the Five Pillars of Islam which Muslim beliefs follow.

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